Beginning ASL: Week One

Week One PowerPoint

American Sign Language 1

Week #1


To Start with

  • Pray
  • Introduction
  • Sign Systems



  • Fingerspelling
  • Numbers 0-20


Vocabulary: Pronouns 

  • Pronouns
    • I/Me
    • You
    • He/She/It, Him/Her
    • We/us
    • They/Them
    • You (plural)
    • My/Mine
    • Your/Yours
    • His/Her/Hers/Its
    • Our/Ours
    • Their/Theirs
    • Your/Yours (plural)


Vocabulary: dialogue

  • Hello
  • What
  • Name
  • Nice
  • Meet


Dialogue: Introduction

  • Person A:
    • Hello, what’s your name?
  • Person B:
    • My name is _________
    • MY NAME _________
  • Person A:
    • (repeat name).
  • Person B:
    • What’s your name?
  • Person A:
    • My name is _________
    • MY NAME _________
  • Person B:
    • (repeat name). Nice to meet you.
    • (repeat name). NICE MEET YOU.
  • Person A:
    • Nice to meet you, too.


Getting to Know Your Teacher, Courtney


What is American Sign Language?




Why do we practice fingerspelling with two hands?


Numbers 0-20




More Fingerspelling Practice


When You Fingerspell Double Letters


More Numbers 0-20 Practice


Dialogue 1 Vocabulary


Dialogue 1


Final Practice: Fingerspelling, Numbers 0-20, and Spelling Your Name


Number Incorporation: Age


How to Sign I Love You


15 thoughts on “Beginning ASL: Week One

  1. Hi Courtney,
    I am so grateful to meet you today. I just went through lesson one of your website and that’s what I need. I am so happy that I can continue to learn my ASL myself at home although I am not able to go to class. God is good and answering my humble prayers.
    You are an angel that God has sent to me.
    Thank you very much.



  2. Hello I’m glad I started at lesson one because I was doing my letter d and k facing the wrong way. Now people will know my name when I finger spell my name is Diane, so I thank you


  3. Hi, Courtney.

    I’m from Brazil and I’m a Brazilian Sign Language Interpreter. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for these classes. I was advised to learn international sign language (ISL), but they told me I should learn ASL first as a easy way to learn ISL.

    Here, where I live, are very difficult to find someone who knows ASL or ISL. So, I’m using your videos to learn. You’re help me a lot. If you have some advice to me, feel free to tell me. Please!!

    Sorry about my English, it isn’t too good. But, I can understand very well what you say.

    Thank you very much.


    • Jakson,
      It’s so great to hear from another interpreter. It’s wonderful that you have a desire to continue learning. I’m excited that you are going to be using my vides for learning ASL. How do you plan to learn ISL? I hadn’t considered it until now, but what a great thing to be able to put in my backpack for God. If you have a resource already or when you find one, I’d love for you to post it for me. 🙂 Your English is very good, so no worries. I think that you will pick up ASL very quickly. A few friends of mine knew some New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and some British Sign Language (BSL) and taught me a few signs. I learned them very easily just like if I had been taught a new sign in ASL. From there you will just have to figure out the grammar which hopefully is simplified through my lessons. I’ve never seen Brazilian Sign Language so I’m not sure how the structure compares though. My best advice would be to find someone else to learn with you so that you can practice. It’s great to learn a bunch of signs and structure, but unless you find someone you can communicate with using the language, you won’t get very far. Let me know how it goes. God bless you! 🙂


      • Hi, Courtney.

        Thanks for reply me. Well, I’m not confident about compare the structure between BSL and ASL. But, as I could see the structure is not far from BSL. There are things so similar. BLS has influences from French Sign Language as the ASL does too. About the ISL, I’m looking for something. We have three professionals Deaf in this area in Brazil. So, we’re trying to organize a short ISL course. However, it’ll be expensive for us. All I have about ISL is a video in my Facebook of a guy from Swtzerland. He sign some videos in ISL its clear to understand.

        God bless you!


  4. Hi Courtney,
    I just came across your videos yesterday and I’m so excited to start learning more ASL. My son will be 2 in Oct and we’ve been teaching him some small signs for about a year now. I’ve been really enjoying that and wanting to learn conversational sign language. You are a great teacher and I’m learning a lot from your videos. Plus I love learning the songs! What a great way to witness for the Lord!
    God Bless


  5. Thank you for these videos. I am just a kid but I have always wanted to learn sign language because my best friend’s brother is deaf. She lives with her aunt and cousins and they all know a.s.l. now I can start signing and soon be able to have small conversations with her brother. Thank you 🙂


    • Elise,

      I am so very glad that you are able to come on here and keep up your learning! You are a wonderfully gifted signer and I hope you continue your signing!!! Maybe one day soon I’ll add more videos on here. Keep up the fantastic work!!!


  6. Hi!! I am self taught. I have deaf and hard of hearing friends. I know their name and everything. I have looked all over YouTube for like conversation type things in ASL. I know in my mind what I want to say, but I dont quite know how to sign it. . Tips??


    • That’s wonderful! Yes, I definitely do. It’s all about sentence structure. Once you have that down you can keep building your vocabulary and you’ll be able to say anything you want. I encourage you to look through my videos, especially the ones labeled “sentence structure”. So glad that you’re learning! Keep it up!


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