A Basic Course in American Sign Language Full Class


A Basic Course in American Sign Language is a class that I taught using the book “A Basic Course in American Sign Language” which can be purchased from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Basic-Course-American-Sign-Language/dp/0932666426 or your local bookstore. While being an online student in this class will definitely help you, I’ll let you know that I do not like this book very much and don’t recommend it. You also don’t need the book in order to follow along. See the Resources: Books & Websites for my recommendations if you’re looking to buy a book.


8 thoughts on “A Basic Course in American Sign Language Full Class

  1. Greetings! I would love to be able to open your site and see what’s behind your links, but it is not allowing me to do this. I also teach from the ABC/ASL text and have for over 20 years… I have a supplement that goes along with it (created from the ITP director and myself over the span of 30 years. There is also an activity book an honors student made that follows the layout of chapters 1-8. (I break the book into 3 levels as did the ITP…1-8, 9-15, and 16-22…gives me more time to add in sessions just for numbers, Lexical signs, and classifiers…all which are usually just touched upon when too many book chapters have to be covered in a 15 week class (allowing time for videos, deaf culture/history, and tests of course. smile)


  2. Thank you, I am a teach and a new foaster parent of children who are starting to sign. I am learning as fast as i can to help them. i stumbled across you on youtube. Thank you.


    • That’s so awesome! If you come across something you need to know how to say, I can always post a quick video and explain a concept or word, etc. God bless you and help you with all that you are going. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Hey! My name is Kelly & I am a homeschooling my 11th grader. I really like your site but I am having a problem getting to some of the weeks. Like after the beginning, I tried to look at the drop down for the basic #1, but it wouldn’t let me go down past what would be on the screen. That made it hard to see past week 6 or to even get to it. how can I go about that? thanks


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