Free Signing Naturally Level 1 ASL Class on Facebook


I’d ask if you’re interested in learning American Sign Language, but seeing how you’re subscribed to my website, I’m going to go with ABSOLUTELY! Which means you’re absolutely going to want to click on this link right here: Clicking this link will take you to a magical land of waterfalls and Hawaiian flowers and . . . or maybe that was the other link? Oh, right this one’s for the awesome ASL class I’m currently teaching that is kicking off today on the Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook and do not want to be, you can also access all of my videos on this playlist and you’re still welcome to comment and interact with students on there: Also, I’m working on new videos, so keep an eye out for those as well! We’ll be going through the Signing Naturally Level 1 book, but you do not need a copy of the book in order to be in the class. Also, ASL is so much more fun and meaningful when you can use it to talk to someone that you know, so invite a friend and join me online. See you there!