Simple Sentences

  • Three to five words (keep it simple-if you need more than five it’s not a simple sentence and you can’t use this structure).
  • No specific order unless there is an actor and a receiver (if there is someone or something doing an action and someone or something being acted upon, you will sign the actor, the verb (action), then the receiver.
  • Examples:
    • I love coffee.
    • Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink.
    • I am going to the store.
      • ME GO-TO STORE.
  • Notice that the ASL gloss is all capitalized (to represent signs), has punctuation (a period) at the end, has dashes between the letters that are fingerspelled, and has a dash between the two words used in English to represent one sign in ASL.
  • The English is written with only the first letter capitalized and there is punctuation (a period) at the end.

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