Numbers (zero-infinity . . . and beyond)

Don’t think you can count to infinity and beyond? Maybe not, but you can learn to count as high as you can in English with just a bit of practice. Let’s get started!

Cardinal Numbers . . . AKA counting numbers

Cardinal (Counting) Numbers 0-9

Cardinal (Counting) Numbers 10-19

Cardinal (Counting) Numbers 20-25

Cardinal (Counting) Numbers Review 0-25

Multiples of Ten (30-90)

Double Cardinal (Counting Numbers)

Number Sets Where 6-9 Appear Together

Hundreds, Thousands, and Millions

Variations of Numbers 16-19

Nominal Numbers. . . AKA numbers that are nouns

Introduction to Nominal Numbers

Nominal Numbers: Signing Jersey Numbers

Nominal Numbers: Signing Height

Nominal Numbers: Signing Possessive Numbers

Nominal Numbers: Signing Fractions

Nominal Numbers: Signing Decimals

Nominal Numbers: Signing Money

 Ordinal Numbers. . . AKA ranking numbers


Number Incorporation. . . AKA what you call it when you combine a number sign with another sign

Signing Time

Signing Time Measurements

Signing Money

Signing #-OF-US/THEM

Signing Age

Examples of Number Incorporation


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