Fingerspelling (A-Z . . . literally)

Ready to tackle one of the most widely recognized and essential components of American Sign Language? Yes you are!


Introduction to Fingerspelling

Here is a very thorough, step-by-step explanation of fingerspelling if you need very specific direction. If not, feel free to skip it.

Fingerspelling A-F

Fingerspelling G-O

Fingerspelling P-Z

Fingerspelling Review A-Z

This is a great site that will allow you to practice your letter recognition through a combination of pictures of fingerspelling handshapes that spell out a word. I suggest you practice with this for a while until you recognize all of the letters. Once you have mastered that, you’re ready to practice with the video quizzes where the letters are all blended together.


Here’s some more information about fingerspelling that you need to know:

Receptive Fingerspelling

Expressive Fingerspelling

Ready to put that knowledge to the test with some fingerspelling quizzes?

Fingerspelling Quizzes Playlist: Here is a playlist of fingerspelling quizzes I have created and use at the college level. For that reason though, I do not give out the answers and request that you do not post them on the videos. 🙂

Here’s some more videos I found online for you to practice with:


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