NOTW Christian Store Explained in American Sign Language

This is a video I made in ASL about C28 Christian Store, now called NOTW Christian Store. In this video, I tell you about the store, NOTW, C28, and share one of my favorite shirts. I used to work at this store and whenever people came into this store, this is what I would tell them. I wanted a chance for my friends who sign to get to know about this awesome clothing line and to know about the message behind the clothing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “NOTW Christian Store Explained in American Sign Language

  1. Dear Court, What you do is beyond great. I believe you are one of those angels sent by God. I am not American but my country’s sign language was borrowed a lot from ASL( Kenya) . I admire the fact that you’re a Christian and have devoted your heart to the deaf cause. May God bless you abundantly. Am sooooo sure that God sheds a tear when He sees what you do. I learn KSL, and your videos teach me a lot especially grammar. May God keep your lovely soul . Keep the fire ablaze, you touch a lot of souls silently. God bless you dearie.

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  2. Dear Courtney,

    My name is Hannah, and I’ve really enjoyed using your classes to learn ASL. I sign songs in church, but want to get fluent in sign language. I was looking up the signs to a certain song, and came across the word “tapestry.” Here’s the line it was in: And like a tapestry, He’s weaving you and me, To someday be just like Him…” I couldn’t find tapestry or any similar word, except “blanket,” anywhere on the internet. I thought about signing “blanket-beautiful-design,” but that takes a lot more time than I have in the song. What would you suggest?

    Thanks a lot!



    • Hi Hannah,

      I’m so glad you are learning! For a phrase like that, you have to decide what the meaning is that you want to bring out of it and get rid of the cool sounding English phrase and figure out the meaning you like behind it. I would actually suggest signing something more along the lines of how GOD HELP IMPROVE, CHANGE, BECOME BEAUTIFUL, SAME (two-handed) JESUS HIM (pretty hand referring to God). Or you could sign something more like DESIGN BEAUTIFUL SEW ++ (+ means repeat) SAME (two-handed) JESUS HELP IMPROVE, CHANGE, BECOME BEAUTIFUL. That’s ideal. If you don’t have the time, you could try to speed up the pace in the preceding lines so you can fit it all in or shorten the next part or condense to GOD CHANGE BEAUTIFUL or something to that effect. Remember that what you sign will be taken more literally so if you aren’t really talking about a tapestry as your focus, that will just come out confusing unless you bring out the important part of the topic you really want people to understand. Keep up the great work and let me know how it comes along!


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