Week One

Week One



Chapter 1: Vocabulary


Chapter 1: Sentence Structure


Numbers 1-20


Signing MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine”




Common Phrases


9 thoughts on “Week One

  1. You are awesome..The way you teach is also very good..With the help of your videos i hope to learn the language in no time…thank you very much for making these videos…you are doing an awesome job…


  2. I have recently started learning sign…5 weeks maybe…by watching youtube and using signsavy website…I am sssooooo glaad I found your site….it is so wonderful to actually do this as my own classroom time….51 and this will keep working my memory πŸ™‚ My hope is to Praise the Lord with these hands as ASL worship lead, if you want to put a title to it….all I can say is God is working miracles and our church is on fire for him and growing with a school to start Sept2015….any suggestions you would like to give, I am open to learn…again Thanks for letting God use you to teach us πŸ™‚


  3. Wonderful work you are doing for the Lord. Can you give me some help with “God will make a way” by Don Moen. I have some ideas but would appreciate your recommendations. Thanks much.



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